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Boys Junior Varsity Wrestling, Boys Varsity Wrestling · Coach’s Note

Thoughts on the upcoming season:

With the season coming up, there is a lot to get ready for. Work out, run, eat healthy, go to bed early, and other physical preparations. We know that it is very important to know how to do certain moves, and it is important to get our bodies into shape. But what are you doing to prepare yourself mentally? Have you thought about any mental preparation?

We can see how important it is to be mentally prepared when we look at our own performances. Think of a time when you could do nothing wrong. Every shot you took, you scored. You couldn’t be held down. Everything you did was on point. Now, think of a time when you couldn’t do anything right. It seemed like you have never wrestled before in your life. You weren’t able to score on anyone in the room (not even that one kid). What was the difference? You still knew how to wrestle. It was the mental side, right? When your mind is sharp, and you are attentive to detail, you are very hard to beat.

So if this is true, that so much of what we rely on is mental, then why do we tend to only focus on the physical? Why do we not take the time to train our minds? This is not true only in the sport of wrestling, but in life. We need to continue to fill our minds with positive and inspiration media. As Joe Rogan, popular pod cast host and retired martial artist said, “We live in unique times. We live in a time where we can control just about all the media we take in. From the videos we watch, the podcasts we listen to, you can choose to be inspired!”

In preparation for the wrestling season, and even during, and after, keep training your mind. Remember to be grateful for everything that you have. Remember to tell those around you that you are grateful for them! List your blessings regularly, even daily. This will help you appreciate life, learn to enjoy life, and get the most out of the time you have. Have an attitude of gratitude in everything you do!