Multiple Teams · September Athletes of the Month


Congratulations to our September Athletes of the Month Laurel Felt and Max Wehrli from Cross Country and Kendell Petersen from Soccer.

Kendell Petersen has been one of the most dominant players in the region, and many would argue the state. Kendell has scored 15 goals and 3 assists This season. Her leadership has been fantastic all year. Kendell is a captain for our soccer team. She has a great relationship with the other girls on the team both on and off the field which makes her a great leader for the lady knights soccer team. Kendell is an amazing student with a 3.972 gpa  This is what coach Kennah had to say about her “I have coached Kendell for three years and it has been an absolute pleasure to do it. Kendell is a once in a generation talent that will do great things at BYU the next several years.  I can’t imagine Northridge without her. Kendell is a friend to all, even her coach. Kendell is loyal and stands up for others. Kendell is a great example to everyone of what a “Knight” should be.

This is what Coach Graff had to say about Max Wehrli “He shows great leadership by his example.  Always giving his best efforts in workouts and during competition.”

This is what Coach Graff had to say about Laurel Felt “Always gives exceptional effort at each event, she works hard to build team unity.”