Multiple Teams · Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to our September Athletes of the Month Lauren Call (Soccer), Regan Abbott (Cross Country) and Bridger Altice (Cross Country).  They have represented Northridge all season long and been individual leaders for their teams.

Lauren Call is a Junior on this years Soccer team.  This is her 3rd year as she played as a Freshman.  Lauren has led her team to the 6A State Soccer Playoffs.  Lauren said that her reason for playing soccer is this “I love this sport because “I love it” and I hope to play college soccer in the future”. Her Role Models are her Parents because they are the best examples to her and have the biggest hearts.  After high school Lauren wants to attend any school locally that will have her and let her play soccer.  Her favorite subject in school is US History and favorite food Salmon.  She likes all music except country, and her favorite movie is Marley and Me.

Regan Abbott is a Junior on this years Cross Country team.  This is her 3rd year participating as she started as a Freshman.  Regan qualified at the Region 1 meet for State.  Coach Rawlings had this to say about Regan “Regan is a great example of perseverance. She was dealing with an injury at the beginning of the summer which prevented her from doing a lot of our summer workouts. Despite her injury setbacks, Regan continues to have a positive attitude and work hard every day at practice. Regan is a great leader because she only speaks positively of her teammates. Everyone on the team knows that Regan cares about them and that she is always willing to help if they need it. Regan is a junior and has a goal to qualify for state this year. She is on pace to do so thanks to her hard work and leadership. Regan’s best time on a 3 mile course this year is 19:58 at the Weber State Invitational on El Monte Golf Course in Ogden.” Regan said her reason for running cross country is this “Its an awesome sport, it makes you feel so free”.  Her Role Models are Bob Ross because he sees the good in the world and Mrs Peek because she has so much energy for life.  After high school Regan wants to serve an LDS mission and then attend college and do a Humanitarian Trip.  Her favorite subject in school is all of them.  She likes to try new food.  Her favorite music or musician is JJ Heller and the Piano Guys.  Favorite movie is Cars 3 and Toy Story 2.

Bridger Altice is a Senior on this years Cross Country team.  This is his 4th year running as he started as a Freshman.  Bridger just WON the Region 1 Meet and Qualified for State in 1st Place in Region 1, also helped the team as a whole to finish 2nd in Region and qualify as a team for State. Coach Rawlings had this to say about Bridger “Bridger has been a leader since the day I joined the cross country program. I have no doubt that he was a great leader before that as well. Bridger is an incredibly talented runner with a dedicated and consistent work ethic. At the beginning of the summer, he sent me an email with the goals that he had for this season. He has accomplished and surpassed some of those goals and he his on pace to accomplish others. As a first year head coach, Bridger has been a great help to me and making sure things run smoothly for the team. He is also someone that everyone on the team feels comfortable around. He is a great example of what a good teammate should be. Some of his notable accomplishments this year include winning the Roy High Invitational with a time of 15:38 on the 3 mile course. His best time on a 3 mile course this year is 15:13 at the Weber State Invitational on El Monte Golf Course in Ogden.”His reason why for doing Cross Country is this “I run because it pushes me to do more then any other sport does”.  His Role Model is his Dad but in Cross Country he says his role model is Britton Jordan who was a great leader for him and that is why he wants to be a great leader to others.  After high school Bridger wants to run in College (just not sure where yet) and then study something in the engineering field.  His favorite subject is Psychology.  Favorite food is burritos of any kind, his favorite song is Blame it on the Boogie (Jackson) and his favorite movie is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.