Boys Varsity Tennis, Coed Varsity Track · April Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to our April Athletes of the Month Calvin Bell (Tennis), Aimee Chambers (Track & Field), Isaac Merrill (Track & Field).

Calvin Bell is a senior on this years Tennis team.  He is playing in the #1 Singles position.  He has been a member of the team all 4 years.  Last year he blew out his knee playing tennis and was not able to start playing tennis fully until just before the season started.  Coach Graff had this to say about Calvin “After his season ending injury last year and major surgery to repair his knee I was sure how Calvin would respond this season, or if he would even be able to play.  He has come out and done a great job at the #1 position for our team.  He is a leader by the way he carries himself.  He will have an opportunity in Region to make the State Tournament”.  When asked what his “WHY ” was for playing tennis he said “tennis is a sport that I want to play as I get older”.  Calvin’s role model is his Dad.  He took him out to play tennis at a very young age and helped him to grow the love that he has for tennis.  After high school Calvin plans to attend USU and study Computer Science.  His favorite subject is Math, favorite food is Fettuccine Alfredo and favorite movie is Star Wars 9 (which I believe hasn’t come out yet so who knows).

Aimee Chambers is a junior on this years Track team.  She has done track all through junior high up till now.  She competes in the High Jump.  Her Track coach Rawlings had this to say about her “Aimee is in her second year of high jumping at Northridge and is currently the only girl on the track team to qualify to compete in the state track meet at BYU in May. Aimee has very high expectations for herself and it shows in her attitude. Ever since she came to the high school as a ninth grader for practice, she has been excited to high jump. Her personal best is a jump of 5’2″ which ties the school record. The exciting thing about coaching Aimee is the amount of potential she has. If Aimee is willing to put in the work, there is no doubt in my mind that she is capable of beating the school record. Aimee is also a great teammate and a great recruiter. She is always talking with the junior high athletes who come practice at the high school and convincing them to join the team when they go to Northridge. I feel lucky to be a part of Aimee’s success.” Aimee’s “WHY” for doing the high jump she said is “my motivation is honestly for the tan, but I love the feeling of accomplishment and I love to challenge myself”. Her Role Model is her Mom because she supports her in everything.  After high school Aimee wants to attend USU and hopefully jump for them and serve an LDS mission.  Her favorite subject is ceramics and physics.  Favorite food is pasta, favorite music is country and anything by Thomas Rhett.  Her favorite movie is A Quiet Place or 5 Feet Apart.

Isaac Merrill is a junior on this years Track team.  This is his second year competing.  Isaac does the 100M and 200M runs.  He has already qualified for state in the 100M with a time of 11.21.  Coach Harwood had this to say about Isaac “He is one of the hardest workers we have on the team.  He is willing to help in any capacity.  When we have meets here he basically runs them.  He comes every time ready and willing to work.”  Isaac’s “WHY” for doing track is “I am able to show my talents and hard work I’ve put in all year”.  His Role Models are Edgar Write and his Dad.  Edgar Write is his favorite movie director and his Dad has taught him everything he needs to know on how to be a good person.  He says “My Dad is the reason why I am successful in track”.  After high school Isaac wants to go to the U of U and study film.  His favorite subject is film, favorite food is dutch waffles, favorite music is Indie Rock and his favorite movie is Kill Bill.