Varsity Baseball, Varsity Softball · Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to our May Athletes of the Month MaKenna Kap (Softball) and Bodee Wright (Baseball).

Makenna is a Senior and has been a member of the Northridge Softball team all 4 years.  She was a captain this season.  She led the team in hitting all season as well as on base percentage.  She pitched a shut out against Weber to finish her high school career.  Coach Kap had this to say about her “I like coaching MaKenna because she handles the pressure well and I can always count on her to make the play happen. She is a leader on the field and can make her teammates listen to me or her. She has always been an avid listener an always willing to learn. She is very coach able and always has a positive attitude. I will miss being her coach”.  When MaKenna was asked what her “WHY” for playing softball was she answered “I’ts such a fun sport to play and you make lifetime friendships”.  She said her Dad/Coach is her role model because he always pushes her to do her best.  After high school MaKenna will be attending Walters State Community College in Tennessee to play softball.  Her favorite subject is Math, favorite food is Chicken Alfredo, favorite song Young, Dumb and Broke and her favorite movies are anything Disney.

Bodee is a Sophomore and this is his first year on the team.  He starts at shortstop for the Knights.  He is batting .474 for the month of May.  Coach McCord had this to say about Bodee “I have really enjoyed coaching Bodee this season. He is a sophomore this year, but he couldn’t tryout as a freshman because of the variance rule, so he is a first year player that came onto a new team and was a major contributor. He works hard whenever he steps onto the field and he always has his game face on. He is a competitor that doesn’t accept failure. Bodee is very coachable and he is quick to make adjustments. Bodee is a type of player that you want to keep your eye on for the next 2 years, because he makes hard plays look easy”.  When asked “WHY” he plays he simply said “I love the Game”. He said his role model is Jose Ultuve. After high school Bodee plans to attend college and play baseball.  His favorite food is Steak.