Multiple Teams · Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to our Student-Athletes of the Month for August. These Student-Athletes were nominated and selected by there coaches and Administration. They have done a great job representing Northridge High and there respective teams. Good Job Knights and Good Luck the rest of the Season.

Volleyball Karli Nielson Jr.

Karli is a Junior.  She has been playing on the Northridge High team since she was a Freshman.  Coach Barker had this to say about her “Karli has been an important and effective member of our team. She leads the region, and is second in state in aces, with 41. She also has 134 kills on the season so far with 7 season games still to go. Karli is a great player, teammate, leader, and student, and sets a great example to all those around her. She constantly works hard in practice to make sure we succeed as a team. As her coach I love seeing having a good time with her teammate, playing the game she loves!”

When asked what her “WHY” was for playing volleyball Karli had this to say “it is my favorite thing to do and I could play it 24/7.”  Her role models are Coach Barker because she has grown close to her in 3 years and she really helps her to stay calm on the court.  She wants to play division 1 volleyball in college after high school, she’s undecided as of now where that will be.  Her favorite subject is Math, favorite food is sweet pork burrito’s, favorite music is just about anything and her favorite movie is Creed 2.

Soccer Makayla Halley Sr.

Makayla is Senior.  She has been playing soccer for 4 years for the Knights.  Coach Kennah had this to say about her “Makayla has been playing very consistent and at a very high level for our team this year. She has come up huge defensively time and time again for us, especially against Davis saving a multiple shots that could have been goals. She has been our “Captain America” often this season. She is one of our captains on the team and is doing a great job on and off the field leading this team. She has a positive attitude and is a great example to those in our program. Makayla is one of the first girls to practice and one of the last girls to leave. She is always asking what she can do and what the coaches need help with. Makayla is having a great season and we are very proud of her.”

When asked what her “WHY” was for playing soccer Makayla had this to say “It keeps me healthy and active, plus it is fun and a good way to make friends.”  After high school Makayla is planning on going to school at Utah State.  Her favorite subject is English, favorite food is popcorn, favorite song is Knee Deep and favorite movie is The Proposal.

Tennis Savannah Sweeten Jr.

Savannah is a Junior and been playing tennis for 2 years.  Coach Jones had this to say about her “Savannah has been improving all year and it showed at the Region tournament were she was ranked 6th and upset the #3 player to qualify for State at the #3 singles position.  She is always positive and wanting to improve her game.  She has been a pleasure to have on the team this year.”

When asked what her “WHY” was for play tennis Savannah had this to say “It makes me happy and helps me grow in athletics and life.”  Her role model is her Grandpa because he always encourages her to work hard and do her best.  She wants to go to Brigham Young University after high school and become a Dental Hygienist.  Her favorite subject is English, favorite food is watermelon and favorite movie is Unbroken.

Football Andres Esparza Sr.

Andres is a Senior and has played football for Northridge 3 years.  Coach Mitchell had this to say about Andres “In the month of September Andres had 373 total yards on offense and recorded 15 tackles. He has been starting on both offense and defense and playing on most special teams. He has been our most consistent contributor throughout the whole year as our second leading rusher and second leading receiver. Aside from what he has been able to do for us on the field Andres has been an outstanding student in the classroom. He maintains straight As throughout the season while taking multiple college classes. He has done a great job being a leader through the example he sets for his teammates and classmates and works as hard as anyone out there.”

When asked what his “WHY” was for playing football this is what he said “Ever since I was young its been a passion of mine and it teaches me new things every year.”  His role models are his parents for there perseverance and determination in their work and personal lives.  Andres is not sure where he will go to college but wherever it is he wants to pursue a degree in Business.  His favorite subject is Math, favorite food is pizza, favorite music is anything by Travis Scott and his favorite movie is Step Brothers.

Golf Dakota Eppich Sr.

Dakota is a Senior this year on the golf team where he has participated for 3 years.  Coach Poll had this to say about Dakota “Dakota has been one of my hardest working golfers for the past 3 years. He is always trying to improve his game and is never settled with where he is currently. Dakota has been one of the leaders on the team and one that I can rely on to help the younger players when necessary. I appreciate Dakota and will miss him being on the team next year!”

When asked what his “WHY” was for playing golf Dakota had this to say “I have always loved golf and always wanted to play for Northridge.  My brother also played and I wanted to follow in his footsteps.”  He said that his role models are his parents and teammates because they all pushed him to do his best and helped him practice.  After high school Dakota plans on serving a mission and then go to Medical School.  His favorite subject is History, favorite food is burritos, favorite music is country and his favorite movie is Happy Gilmore.

Cross Country Ammon Frost Jr. and Regan Abbott Sr.

Regan is a Senior and has participated in Cross Country for 4 years.  Coach Rawlings had this to say about Regan “She is the heart and soul of our team. The glue that holds everyone together. You will never meet a more kind and genuine individual. From a leadership standpoint, Regan is always the first one to reach out to any teammates who are struggling or new to the team. Throughout her high school career, Regan has had some injury setbacks but that has not stopped her from having high expectations for herself and for the team. She is currently ranked 15th in the region and his prepared to turn some heads at the Region 1 Championship on Wednesday October 9. Regan was our top female runner as a junior and continues to lead our girls team in races this year. Some of her notable times this year include the 2.93 mile course at the Murray Cross Invite where she ran a time of 19:44. Regan also had the opportunity to run at the Bob Firman Invite in Eagle, Idaho. This is one of the biggest invitationals in the western United States. This year, over 175 schools competed on the 5k course. Regan had a great race and ran a time of 20:21.  It has been an complete privilege to work with Regan the past two years and I’m excited to see what she accomplishes for the remainder of the season and afterwards.”

When asked what her “WHY” was for participating in Cross Country Regan had this to say “Because I can.  My body works! and because I like and enjoy it.”  When asked who her role models where this is what she put Bob Ross-Passionate, Steve Irwin-Adventurous, Mr. Rogers-Kind and my Dad because he is Brave.  After high school she plans to serve and LDS mission and then go to college.  Her favorite subject is anything that she can learn from it and apply it.  Favorite music is Jack Johnson and JJ Heller and her favorite movie is I Can Only Imagine.

Ammon is a Junior and been running Cross Country for 2 years.  Coach Rawlings had this to say about Ammon “he is currently a junior and is a huge asset to our team. Ammon deserves a lot of credit for why our team has grown over the past two years. He is always making things more fun for the rest of the team and it always seems like something is off when he is not around. He has a great work ethic and is a great leader on our team. Ammon is always trying to improve his own times and do what’s best for the team. Whether it’s encouraging teammates to get extra miles on morning runs before school or lightening the mood with a joke. Ammon’s top times this year have come at the Weber State Invite where he ran the 3 mile course in a time of 18:06 and the Murray Cross Invite where he ran the 2.93 mile course in 18:06. I am very proud of what Ammon has accomplished and we are all grateful that he is on our team.”

When asked what his “WHY” is for doing Cross Country this is what he said “I just love to run its bodacious.  I love being faster then my peers.”  After high school Ammon would like to go to college and enter the Medical Field.  His favorite subject is Science, favorite food is yogurt, favorite music is anything old and favorite movie is Jurassic Park.